Follow up to allergic reaction

H Brooke,

I wrote the post called: “Day 9 Homework: Allergic reaction”

One of your sentences is unfinished and I would love to know what you were going to say:

“You see your C of allergic reaction and ER visits as negative, and then trying to find… (you didn’t finish this sentence).”

Yes, I’m willing to go at this harder, but would like to know how.

I want to get to the mind blowing epiphany but I don’t understand what you mean by:

“What’s amazing about that? How did this happen for you? How was it perfect for you? If your brain is telling you there’s no way to think of this as perfect, then this is work that’s so worth your doing. Trust that you’ll find the answers, and that they’ll blow your mind. Game-changer.”

What is the work? I sat with the questions a couple of hours…

It’s perfect for me that it’s not easy to breathe right now because…
It’s perfect for me that I can’t sleep in my apartment right now because…
It’s perfect for me I have an unknown allergy because…

Brooke, I’m nonplussed. What is ‘the work’ here?

Are these existential questions? Am I looking for some bigger meaning or purpose?
Is this what this exercise is about? I want to understand what I need to do here.
I don’t want to miss the learning just because I don’t understand what ‘the work’ is.