Follow up to "Can’t figure out what counts as an urge"

Thanks for the answer! I totally understand (in theory) the process of allowing an urge and have been able to practice it. To continue fleshing out what exactly as an urge, if it’s just a thought that I can answer in my head, it doesn’t really count as an urge because there is no driving emotion? (i.e. If I think “Ice cream sounds good right now. But it’s not on my protocol so I won’t.)

So if I can answer a thought in my head and it doesn’t create that intense emotion (maybe just mild desire and interest), I probably won’t need to sit with it and allow it because it’s probably already on its way out. But if it feels emotionally strong and like it’s driving me towards an action, it requires more time and attention to allow.

I feel like I’m getting it–let me know if this sounds accurate!