Follow up to Neighbor Fireplace Ask

I submitted my question last night and have been working on it myself today while waiting for a response, and wanted to send in my new model for feedback. Your thoughts?

C = smoke from neighbors fireplace gets in my house

T = I cannot control or change this (I did talk to my neighbor)

F = acceptance

A = Close doors and windows when I smell the smoke and turn on the air filter.

R = stop thinking about it, let it go, and enjoy my evening

More broadly …

C = things happen that I have no control over

T = I have no control over this situation

F = acceptance

A = control what I can – my thoughts, feelings and actions – and let it go

R = I stop thinking about it and respond when it shows up

I’m not sure I’m ready to actually do this but I’m definitely thinking about it and seeing how crazy I make myself when I feel like I can’t fix situations I do not like.