Follow up to question about vibes, and Stacey Boehman’s "selling intangibles"


I wrote a question about “vibes” a few weeks ago: where do “vibes” fit into the model? Well now I think I know what all this means for me — so exciting.

I listened to Stacey’s powerful Business Coaching call from Tuesday, March 10 when she was explaining the selling intangibles that either cause, like a smell, to make someone decide to buy or decide they’re just not feelin’ it.

This is exactly what I was trying to get at with my question about “vibes.” It is the same thing that Stacey calls a “selling intangible.” (I have also seen her illustrate this on poster paper in a very compelling way.) From her explanation, I’m now certain that when I say vibes, I’m indicating stuff in the action line that is subtle, but still action/behavior; in other words, how one shows up.

I’m really geeked on Stacey’s explanation, and I’m applying it in areas of my life that have nothing to do with business. Thinking about all of this in terms of “vibes” and “selling intangibles” has been so helpful for me in believing the Model itself. Because now I know where the vibes go in the Model, now I know how to create the desired vibes. So cool!

Many thanks….