Following protocol & no weight loss

Hi there!
So, I have a great protocol that I love & love that I don’t have to think about what I eat.
24 oz. coffee. Cream no sugar 1 t coconut oil
Lunch & dinner:
4 oz. protein (lean meat or tofu)
10-13 oz. green veggies
2-3 T. Salad dressing (home made with good fats)

16 oz. decaf coffee cream no sugar

Minimum 36 oz. water with lemon
Pelegríno with lime – 20-40 oz.

I fast from 9:00 pm- til at least noon.

I do work out, because it makes me ME & a source of showing up for myself & happy.

I’m not loosing weight!!! I use the scale to serve me. I don’t obsessively think about it. I DO have at least 35 pounds to loose (I’d like to loose 70), so it’s not that my body has reached its ideal state

I am going on 2 weeks of this protocol & am getting concerned that I’m not loosing. I feel like I am fat adapted because I am not hungry. Sometimes I only eat dinner because I’m not hungry. And often can’t finish the salad. I am averaging under 1,000 calories/day. Seems to me I am “dining in”= AWESOME! Except… what the heck with the scale?!?

Looking forward to your thoughts.

Thanks for being you!!!
🙂 Gretchen