Following through and self doubt

I just signed up and have been working on weight loss. The last three months I’ve been doing thought work models etc and have uncovered many beliefs one is that in order to achieve my goal I need to dive deeper and get to the root of the issue of my overeating.

One I discovered was doubt that I’ll do what I said I was going to do.
This shows up for me with meal planning, tasks sticking to a schedule, picking a method or way forward re food protocol, actually doing the thought work.

I’ve decided to start scheduling most my activities in advance (food, thought work, chores, …) and seeing how this goes for me and what comes up along the way.

My question is would this be too much or not constraint as it has me working both on weight loss and time management.

How I want to think is that working on both will be useful towards my ultimate goal. And that it’s not coming from my original doubt model.

C lose 10 lbs by October
T My commitment to myself is lacking
F Doubt
A find many ways to not commit, look at several method programs not pick one, want to work on all topics at once meaning time management and food plan but not start doing it, not follow my schedule 100 percent of the time,
R I don’t move forward on my goal


C lose 10 lbs by October
T Working on decisions ahead of time is key to my success
F capable
A plan food 24 hours in advance, follow what I planned 100 percent, schedule thought work food planning shopping Monday on my calendar, thought download what comes up for me, ask for help when I feel stuck, allow urges re food and not wanting to follow my plan, urge jar bead for allowing urge of not wanting to follow my plan,
R I learn to keep commitements to myself