following up

Dear Brooke, I was hoping to bring this up on the next entrepreneur call in November, but I’m facing a request that makes me want to get more clarity now. You coached me on my money beliefs, that because I got a PhD, instead of a degree that clearly leads to good money, I’m limited in what I can make. I’m really working on that so that I can better position myself for maximizing opportunities to do lectures and workshops and stick with the dollar amounts I feel good about (even though some institutions balk at them). You coached me on being surprised when they say no and being ready to explain why it’s a bargain. Okay, so all of this made me get serious about your entrepreneur course, and what I’m trying to figure out is how to think about your advice about giving value ahead of time. It’s possible that giving results ahead of time won’t really apply to me until I begin generating new ideas/strategies about putting myself out there more, but for now, I’m trying to figure out whether I need more tailored advice because I’m talking about lectures/workshops that I would be doing in addition to my teaching and other responsibilities at the university. Especially because those responsibilities don’t stop, doing lectures for less seems like a bad idea. So, my assumption has been that those who don’t want to raise the money to cover the fee simply aren’t “my people”… But, I don’t want to miss the insight I should be getting about creating results ahead of time. And the insights I should be getting about focusing on creating value more than getting paid. Any guidance is appreciated!