Followup Question to Homework – Say What?!

Hi Brooke,

Wanted to followup on the “Homework – Say What?!” asked by another Self Coaching Scholar.

I have also gotten to a point where I am comfortable with the new sentence I want to believe (My sentence: I easily earn $100,000.00 or more each and every year) but am not sure how to answer questions 3 & 4. Yesterday, my answer to question 2 was “thrilled”. I felt thrilled about all the possibilities this new belief would bring into my life. I then struggled with question 3 as I wasn’t sure how to answer it, nor did I want to work towards or ponder some negative beliefs when I wasn’t feeling them. I even wondered if I should change my new belief to “I easily earn $500,000 or more each year” just to see where that takes me. (And yes, just writing $500K pretty much made be want to vomit with fear. 🙂 )

Question aside, these three months have been so valuable to me. Working through January and really understanding that I hadn’t actually committed to my business being a success was a game changer for me. I am so very grateful. Thank you.