Followup to ‘Abundant Thoughts’

Thank you so much for your answer to my original question (titled ‘Abundant Thoughts’) Brooke. You wrote about allowing the thoughts and not judging them. I understand how judging and resisting them is a problem, but it feels hard to allow them.

When I say NO! to them, like you mentioned doing in Podcast #146, I feel like my brain sort of shuts up for a minute and I can make room for thoughts I want to have (this is my prefrontal cortex doing the override). I’ve found it helps.

But my brain sends me so many ‘bad’ thoughts, and I fear that allowing them in is just another opportunity for my brain to hear the wrong thing, deepen the neural pathway, and perpetuate the problematic thinking.

Maybe I am not being enough of the Watcher. Maybe I am believing the thoughts as they come in, as facts. Maybe the answer is to hear the thoughts that sound like bad facts, and say to myself “I see you are having thoughts of worry/scarcity/doubt, and that’s okay.” That won’t perpetuate them then? I am trying to build the mindset I want for myself. Thank you for your continued guidance.