Food Addict?

I am a longtime Self-Coaching Scholar and have been through Brooke’s Stop Overeating Program and managed to shed 40 pounds with great success.
I actually managed to shed those 40 pounds three times in the last three years.

What happens is that each time I reach my goal weight, which is healthy for me, at which I feel the best and I have a great sense of freedom around food, I would meet a friend and eat off my plan and before I know it, sugar and flour are running my days. I rush in the morning to a diner to eat bagels, pastries and cakes, I eat so many until I almost faint into bed.

A friend suggested that I might need to treat it as if I had an addiction and remove my “drug” completely and join a food addiction coaching program of some sort.

There is a part of me that thinks that with The Model I don’t need to be part of a food addiction program and that I could simply manage my thoughts and lose the weight on my own.

And there’s a part of me that keeps showing me the fact that I gained those 40 pounds over and over and that I have no peace around food and that maybe this IS the solution: to declare that I am a flour and sugar addict and treat it as such.

Would love your help with that.