Food addict

Ok, crazy question.

You know how they have TV shows called “intervention” where they take people away to get treated for their addictions?

Ok. Well I was thinking on this, and that is almost how I feel about my issue with food.

Thinking this way is leading me to think that I cannot take this on all by myself.

I realize this sounds crazy and like I’m kidding, but I’m really not.

I’m really wondering whether or not I can handle who I am without food as a buffer.

Is this bullshit thinking?

Am I just doubting myself too much?

I mean, a person who has over eaten to buffer their whole entire life can truly solve this all on their own…..right?

Here is my ultimate fear model:

C: I am not overeating to buffer
T: (oh my God someone help me)
A: (not sure at this point)
R: probably never trying this again……

and no, I’m really not kidding and I promise I’m not trying to be funny even though I’m kinda laughing at myself right now.

I truly want to know if this is possible because right now this is my ultimate fear.

Thanks so much.