Food amounts

Was trying to wait for an overeating call for this but it’s not til next week. I know we are not supposed to count calories (believe me, I have NO temptation to go back to that) but just for curiosities sake I added up the daily calories in my protocol. It was only 700 calories!!! So now I’m having a thought freak out! This is just like the biggest loser study where they all messed up their metabolisms by eating too little.

Shouldn’t I be eating more? I would like to eat more so I’m not so hungry. I have been on this protocol for two full weeks. I am definitely fat adapted as I am not hungry until time to eat at noon. I struggle after lunch and dinner with wanting something else to eat. I’ve added a Tbsp of almond butter and a banana a few times when I planned for it a day ahead but then the scale went up the next day.
Started at 170 and am down to 161 but have hovered around 161 for 6 days. My goal weight is 135 and I am 40.
Protocol :
12:00 and 6 pm – 4 oz protein, 10 oz veg, 1/2 fruit , 1 Tbsp fat

Thanks for your direction 🙂