Food and Triggers

I have been doing a lot of work around trying to figure out what triggers me to eat. I am working on this on two fronts. The first is to figure out my triggers or habitual actions. I have noticed that when I come home or when it’s 4:00 pm I usually eat but without much enjoyment or planning. Its like my brain tells me this is the time I should eat.

C Eat after arriving home
T I should have something to eat or now is the time I usually eat something
F Desire
A eat mindlessly
R Now is the time of day where I feel overly full and discomfort

C Eat at 4 pm
T Everything I read tells me I should not eat at least 3-4 hours close to bedtime
F Obligated
A Eat mindlessly
R I don’t eat close to bedtime but I don’t build trust with myself either

Can you help me unpack a bit here? I would like to move into more self-trust. Thanks in advance!