Food Costs

Hi Team,

I seem to have a block about buying healthy food at a restaurant. The cost is not prohibitive to me in any way but I still feel that the food is expensive…but I can’t pinpoint the thoughts. Here are two models that I did this week.

C no lunch for today
T I didn’t plan
F Irresponsible
A Buy w.e food I want/ wallow in indecision
R Get unhealthy food and reinforce that not planning is bad

C: No lunch for today
T: Luckily I work next to the cafeteria
F: Netural
A: Buy Salad
R: Get a healthy lunch

The issue with this itm, is that I didn’t end up buying a salad. I just ate free food that was in the office and ended up eating off protocol later in the day. The second model to this is

utm #2
C Need to buy food
T It’s very expensive
F hestiant
A dont buy salad
R eat off protocol

I tried to then fill the model starting at the R line

R:eat on protocol
A: buy salad
F: good
T: I have my own back

Again, I know the thought is good but it’s not actually compelling to me to make the actions I want to. How do I proceed? Do you have any suggestions?