Food help

Hi Brooke

I’m a vegetarian and don’t need to lose weight but I have been using the food protocol to try and help balance my emotions and energy as I know that often after eating I feel really strange, a bit like I am slightly drunk, befuddled and foggy in my brain and I feel like I need to go to bed as I am exhausted and this might be early mid morning! its really awful especially when I am trying to concentrate and work. I know I need more protein so I eat high protein/low sugar yoghurt and cheeses, eggs, tofu, nuts, seeds, lots of vegetables, not much fruit, a little bit of dark chocolate because I love it and occasionally rice, quinoa, legumes etc. Today I went out to have lunch with my husband and we both had a salad with hummus (which I don’t eat often) and a falafel made from beetroot, lentils and black beans and within minutes I felt I could hardly move, I could have fallen asleep right there in the cafe, its now 2 1/2 hours late and i have had some black tea and am feeling better but still so tired. I don’t often eat bread and when I do, its only one slice of a handmade organic sourdough, the last time I ate this, I had the same reaction, I felt so sleepy and foggy in my brain. I would love your thoughts on this, is it some kind of reaction to the food do you think? I’m really not sure. Should I be including a protein powder or something? Many thanks Bridget