Food judgement

C: I ate Lobster risotto and left about 2 bites worth on my plate
T: That creamy stuff is not good for me
F: Judgement
A: Ponder eating more when I got home
Feel bloated after
Tell myself I’ll eat healthier tomorrow
Want to isolate
R: taking enjoyment away from my planned meal and weight loss journey

I did plan the dish but planned on leaving more on my plate than I did. It’s not a huge deal but I want to get better at stopping sooner from a place of love.

Optional new model for future:
C: same as above
T: I am becoming someone who can enjoy the food fully AND enjoy the feeling of pride for not eating it all
F: content
A: Allow an urge for a few minutes
Have my plate in front of me without eating more
Focus on the conversation at dinner more
Get better at leaving bites behind on my plate
R: best of both worlds and not compromising my goals