Food model

C: food
T: I want my food to be nutrient dense and exciting AND right now I’m not finding excitement in my food
F: unsatisfied
A: waver on my decision to cut flour and sugar. Don’t plan what I will eat ahead of time. Overeat in an attempt to feel satisfied
R: rely on food for satisfaction

Is the result correct here or am I creating something else?

I want to drop 15 pounds and learn the skill of not snacking. Plus I want to honor my decisions.

In the above model, I could just change my thought to food is fuel. However, I’m finding it sticky to shift to this because for so long I looked forward to meal times because the flavors were satisfying and I looked forward to eating as something in my day to bring me joy.

I realize that I’m relying on food to create my happiness.
How can I begin to shift out of it?

I notice when I eat food for fuel some days, I go to bed to thinking I missed something and my day was a bit boring.