Food Neutrality

I’ve been off alcohol for 18 years, off sugar for 3 and off flour for 1 year- Geesch! Life’s a journey! I’m looking for neutrality with food, and l dont have it. When someone is eating something I used to love I lean into it, and ask questions about texture, gooeyness, sweetness, etc. I don’t feel tempted to taste just still very invested. Isn’t ‘neutrality’ a goal? Am I still working with desires and urges? (Though that doesn’t seem so)
Also, I have concerns re ‘joy eats’ and brain chemistry – I sure don’t want to loose what I have… but I MUST have another chili relleno someday! Would you speak to that as well?
Big Big Thanks for this strong and wonderful program!! I’m in my second month of SCS, after DECADES of soul searching this is an AMAZING gift!!! 💕