Food Poisonig

Hi Brooke,
My title is a reminder of how a seemingly negative circumstance had a such a positive outcome! Yay model & SCS!!
I just became VIP this month, so excited! Came home from my job early last Friday because of food poisoning. Fortunately it gave me 2 full days home to binge listen/watch ALL the new VIP info on Scholars!! Wow! Amazing!
My impossible goal for 2018 is going to be leave my job & work my business fulltime “Active Fun for Active People”
(Teaching Line Dance & Pilates) in Boulder City, NV right out of Vegas.
The Live Podcast with Brenda & Rachel brought such clarity to my
overdrinking & helped so much for me making the shift, much need at this time! I am committed to getting the result in these two areas of my life, this new year 2018. Amazing tools & insights from ALL the coaches who shared LIVE! I also want to reference your podcasts, # 28, #35, & #38 ALL very much coincide & work together with the Dec homework!!
MY Impossible Goal is to leave my Job & work my Business Full Time.
MY priority is to stop overdrinking.
MY challenge is to be coached by YOU personally!
(I have utilized my 10 minute sessions & Rachael the month of Sept.)
I am committed to stay with Scholars & become a Diamond member!
This work has been the most difficult, rewarding & loving gift I have ever given myself.
I look forward to sharing my future fails!
2018 is going to be EPIC for Sure!
Hugs to You Brooke & your pups!
& pups, Willy & Katie!