Food Protocol

I’ve been on food protocol since January. I’ve been able to cut all the sugar (but still challenging with flour).  I’ve been also able to stay on protocol (Monday – Friday) and am intermittent fasting. First my goal was to lose 5 pounds. I reached the goal and being on protocol became my new routine. But here is what I’ve been noticing recently :

– On weekends (and when I am with my family), I have a lot of emotional eating. The thought I’ve noticed is : “It’s not fair that I am the only one doing all this work”.
– The week before my period, it is more challenging to stay on protocol and I have so many cravings . And I am using willpower to resist it. And I feel frustrated.

I enjoy being on protocol, intermittent fasting, no sugar most of the time.  How could I change my thoughts about the week-ends?  And “hormonal” cravings ? (maybe this is a belief I have ?)