Food protocol and a thought change

This week I’d like to set a tiny goal and watch myself around my food protocol. Over the last two weeks I have been relaxed about it and I am currently in weight loss mode.

Do my models make sense? I am working on mastering the model and appreciate feedback. Thanks.

(I’ve been sitting in this model for the last two weeks and ready to change up my thought around the circumstance.)

C: My food protocol
T: It’s fine, I know what to do, I don’t need to plan what I’ll eat.
F: Powerless
A: I overeat, pick at food throughout the day
R: It’s not fine because I end up making excuses and don’t keep my word.

C: My food protocol
T: I want to experience what it’s like to not eat what isn’t on my plan.
F: Curious
A: Keep notes on what I am thinking at the moment, watch the feeling come in and go out, use the urge jar
R: I watch myself experience an urge to eat what isn’t on plan.