Food protocol coming from low fat vegan

I’m new and working my way through the Stop Overeating Workshop. For a food protocol I’ve chosen no sugar, no flour, and 3 meals in an 8 hour eating window. I’d like to continue eating vegan. You mention that you eat 8-10 oz veggies, 4 oz protein, and 3T oil at each meal.
What do you recommend for macronutrient percent ranges to achieve fat adaptation? Your example is 25-30% protein, 5-10% carbohydrates, 60-70% fat.
I’m used to the majority of my calories coming from carbohydrates. I’m trying to decide if I want to continue to use grains/starchy veggies as the base of my diet or switch to fat. I’m looking for a recommendation for a starting point.
I’m 48, 5’3″, 140#. My goal weight is 125. I’m enjoying the tail end of peri-menopause and discovering my body storing more fat in new locations. I’ve been gaining slowly the past 4 years and more quickly the past 6 months with emotional eating, mainly sugar, around a job I dislike that entails a lot of travel (away about 40% of the time). I’m home now for two months which provides a stable situation to focus on my health – mental and physical.