Food Protocol Feedback

Hi Brooke,
I started with SCS in June and have been mainly focusing on weight loss. I’m a 32 year old female (Height: 5’6″) with a starting weight of 180lbs. My current weight is 163lbs (yay!). I lost this weight mainly by doing no sugar, no flour, 16:8 IF with 2 meals per day. Other then that, I haven’t been super strict on amounts of food I eat except to eat to a plus 4 on my hunger scale. I would like to start focusing on sticking to a consistent protocol and would love your feedback on the one I created. Also, what would you say is my ideal weight?

 No sugar and No flour
 Intermittent Fasting: 16:8 hours
 Eating Window 1-9pm daily
 2 meals per day (1 pm and 6pm)
 No snacking
 Eat within 1 hour of my mealtime everyday
 Finish full meal within 1 hour from when I start eating
 Max of 2 tbsp whipped cream in coffee/tea per day (can drink during fasting period)
 Max of 2 naturally flavored carbonated waters per day mixed ½ and ½ with regular water (can drink during my fasting period)
 Butter Coffee up to 2 times per week (30g (2tbsps) grass-fed butter and 5g (2tsps) coconut oil)-(can drink during my fasting period)
 Joy eat 1 time per week (planned at least 24 hours in advance)

1pm Meal:
-6-8oz vegetables
-1 boiled egg
-2oz meat protein
-1oz cheese
-15mL (1tbsp) salad dressing
-½ tbsp chia seeds
-1oz pumpkin seeds
-1oz almonds
-½ Avocado (approximately 2oz) on salad every 2 days

6pm Meal:
-4oz meat protein
-4oz carbs (Rice, Quinoa, Potato or Sweet Potato)
-6-8 oz vegetables
-Majority of dinner foods are cooked in or topped with olive oil &/butter
OR if I have a salad then I can put 15mL (1tbsp) salad dressing
-6oz Fruit
-4oz Astro Original Balkan Natural Yogurt OR Yoso Unsweetened Creamy Cultured Coconut
-2 squares Lindt 85% dark chocolate (approximately 20g/0.7oz)