Food Protocol with irregular schedule

Hi Brooke, I’m new to Scholars and just getting started on the Stop Overeating program and I want to try intermittent fasting and an 8 hour eating window. My work week schedule alternates between early days (working 7:30 – 4) and late days (working 10 – 6:30), and my sleep schedule changes day to day along with that. I’m wondering if it’s important that my eating window be the same time each day. I’m inclined to shift it a bit on alternate days, but I suspect that may be because my brain is thinking that waiting until 11:30 am to eat on days when I get up at 5:15 am is too hard, and learning that I can do hard things is the whole point here (along with re-learning what physical hunger feels like).
Also, I’ve taken to heart your message that it’s time to commit to finding pleasure in sources other than food, and I’m wondering if that means I should be avoiding foods I really like (like cheese or nuts on my salad to contribute fat) as I’m planning my food protocol for the next day or week. I’ve had experience with another program that took out all hyper-palatable foods and experienced the amazing freedom from over-desire for food that results, so I’m all in on that approach. Thank you!