Food protocol – plan forever?

Hi Brooke!
First I want to say I now totally see why you say to commit to at least a year in scholars. My brain can have an aha moment when you say something but it’s like I need to hear it over and over for me to really truly get it. To make the changes.
The overdrinking calls have been so crazy helpful with my overeating. You said in one of them “i never want you to drink again without planning it 24 hrs in advance.” Makes complete sense. How about food? Do YOU still plan out your protocol for the next day? What does that look like when you have gotten rid of the desire ro overeat/eat sugar and flour?
I realized that my new compelling reason is to learn how to become my best friend again like I was when I was a little girl. I want to be my biggest cheerleader and when I fall I encourage myself to get right back up just how I do with my kids. I have lost that relationship with myself and I have learned ro give up so easily. I am going to lose 100lbs and do it in a way that I learn how to love myself unconditionally again.