Food Protocol for a Type 2 Diabetic

I have had a weight issue since my teen years and am have been working on my thinking during the last four years using the model. I started thought models while belonging to a commercial weight loss program and then came to the realization that I needed to drop the diet mentality and develop my own food guidelines. I am excited to undertake to Stop Overeating Masterclass process with fine-tuning my own food protocol, adopting a no-sugar, no flour way of life. The last four year of yo-yo weight loss with non-consistent success of changing my thinking has brought me to a place where I know I am going to drop the weight for good this year.

My compelling reason for weight loss is a combination of consistently feeling good in my body so that I can soar in other areas of my life. Feeling physically light and not having the whole mind chatter going on is so freeing. Also, I love clothes and want to fit into some classic stylish clothes I have in storage in addition to buying new clothes. Another reason, though, is that I want to be an example for my husband to clean up his own eating and lose weight. While I know that he gets to eat how he wants to eat, any advice on how I can encourage him to take better care of his health and lose weight.

My husband (59) has Type 2 Diabetes and was put on insulin injections a year ago. His blood sugars have been stable during the last year. He thinks he does a good job watching his weight and has cut back SOME on the desserts he eats, he firmly believes in a little bit of sweets a day is a healthy indication of moderation. (I tend to be all or nothing and have not been a good example at all. Thus, he seldom pays much attention to my thoughts on healthy eating.) Also, he thinks “coaching” is too fru-fru and I have not shared with him the model. I know he believes all his thoughts are fact.

Is there any approach to encourage him to change his eating to lose weight and reverse his diabetes that would be effective? And two, if he were willing to try it, how would he follow your plan with the added complication that he takes insulin each morning via injection.

Thanks for your input.