Food Protocol – What if I get full earlier than anticipated?

What is the Life Coach School’s stance on this? Should I try to eat what I have on my food protocol as exactly as possible? I think it would be silly to eat more when I feel full, but I also know there’s merit to dealing with the discomfort in the moment (be that too much or too little food) so that I plan better for the next day.

I do know that if I’m too full to finish the meal, that I shouldn’t save the rest to use as a snack later before my next meal. (Even though my brain likes to pretend this is okay sometimes)

What if I planned having a cookie with a meal for example but then no longer want to eat it at the meal? Can I have it planned and not eat it? I imagine I should try to avoid or minimize doing this as much as possible, and just eat the cookie and notice how it tastes and how it makes me feel, and then plan no cookie for tomorrow.

Do you have any other advice around this?