Food Questions

Hello, Brooke! I joined a few days ago and am excited to become a part of The Life Coach School. I am most interested in losing weight but am committing to doing the monthly podcast work also, as I can see that it all ties together. I have immersed myself in the last few days with your Stop Overeating Workshop and book and Q&A’s. It’s all so fascinating. I have some questions about food:

1. What kind of salad dressing do you recommend that has no sugar? Having a hard time finding one.
2. OK to have Mayo, even though it does list sugar in the ingredients?
3. My eating window is 12:00-8:00. If I eat dinner at 6:00, can I have a piece of fruit before 8:00?
4. Prunes? I know it’s not on the list of foods, but I have previously eaten 3-4 a day to keep things moving and I am concerned about stopping.
5. Is ketchup OK?
6. Is bacon OK?
7. What takes you out of fasting mode?
8. If grains are not on my Protocol, is it a bad idea to have them once in a while in place of a vegetable? Like rice instead of baked potato?