Food Sensitivity

Hi Brooke,

I am noticing greater food sensitivity after eliminating flour, sugar and dairy. I enjoy ice cream and will often choose this as my joy eat. I also will have cake or other sweets as my joy eat. I am also following a IF protocol. I have lost 20 pounds and still have 35 to go. I am working at not having joy food at social events – as I have been going to a lot of parties lately.

I have food allergies, and skin allergies, this is the primary reason I am giving up dairy as well as the sugar and flour. What I am noticing is that my skin really becomes inflamed now after a joy eat. It has been extremely irritating, emotionally and physically. I am considering stopping flour, sugar, and dairy for 1 year – just to work through my emotions and thoughts that come up from this idea. I am literally at the point where I don’t want it anymore. I have binged when I allow myself a joy eat, in fact, some of my joy eating have not been planned (I do understand that falls outside your definition). I see people living without sugar, flour and dairy, and I want to go for it. I don’t want to become afraid of food, but I really don’t think I need to include it as a joy anymore. I can honestly say that those food don’t serve me anymore. Is this ok? I am apprehensive about it, but I know after listening to your last few meetings, I am double daring myself to stay off it.

Thank you.