Food thoughts urge attention while on protocol

Hi. I have been following my meal plan for a while (quite short). It is going well with the allowing and choosing consciously what to eat, I am experiencing much less anxiety during the meals. However, I see my brain dive into this planning modality, so that I catch myself daydream of some upcoming day/event when I’ll be eating the menu I will be provided, whatever it is (I choose to have these days, where I keep myself aware and try not to judge any food as right or wrong). Also I see myself wanting to put more and more detail in the food I am preparing for myself as part of my protocol, as a way to make the experience of it as rewarding as possible (different sauces, multiple ingredients). While I see there is nothing wrong with my brain doing this, I believe this result is different from what you are trying to offer us, which is putting on the food/eating topic less and less attention/energy/thoughts.

Should I consider these urge to think of food as the urges to overeat? If you could offer me your own interpretation of what I am experiencing and some suggestions I would be very grateful, thanks!