Foot pain

I’m stuck with where to go with my model. I can see that I don’t like the result I am creating for myself. I’m having a hard time with how to loosen it up.

C- sensations of pain in my foot
T- I don’t want it to be here
F- frustrated
A- fixate on the sensations and think about it even more, distracted and less focused on my present moment, react to my frustration at times and don’t show up as the wife and mom I want to be, go into victim mode and think about all the reasons it’s not fair
R- I greatly amplify the negative impact the foot sensations have on my life.

Some thoughts I have considered are
It’s ok for this foot pain to be here
I don’t want it here but it’s ok that it is

Those thoughts don’t feel true at all so it’s hard for me to go there.

I need to stop creating frustration for myself because that isn’t helping the situation. I would like to find thoughts that feel somewhat believable that create more peace and acceptance.