For My Own Sake or For Others

I’m asking myself if what I do is for myself or to prove something to others. I think I have this complex of not feeling good enough in many ways and I believe I put a lot of pressure on me to be the best I can. I can see that now thanks to the coaching so now I m thinking maybe I put myself in a difficult situation (I moved alone in Japan and I have my own business) to prove that I am good enough, that I can do things other people can not do.., and now I m wondering if what I have done so far are things that are actually not for me to enjoy but for others to be impressed.

I’m asking myself this question because I have had a hard time since the crisis with my business and with my personal life being single . I don’t know if what I do is really what I should do or if I should change everything and do easier things. How can I know that I’m doing these things for myself or to prove something to others?