For those struggling to find their compelling reason or hard why to lose weight- don’t give up!

Wow! Just wow! The response I received from my struggle with finding my compelling reason/hard why to lose weight- life changing!
I first read the coach’s response and I felt a twinge of being on the right track but needing to flush it out a bit. You said some really powerful things that started me thinking thoughts and feeling emotions that helped get me there- to the root. You said-

“You might want to quit a million times, but you keep going no matter what. It’s your hard why that keeps you going through thick and thin, ups and downs.”

“Excitement will definitely get you jazzed about your goal and get you off to a great start. It’s not likely, however, to fuel you through the more challenging moments like allowing urges or following your protocol. Use this emotion to connect you to your big dream, then tap into motivated and empowered to fuel the massive action you’ll need to take.”

“Become your future you who has lost the weight and trained her body. She was willing to feel all the discomfort… feel all the feelings… do all the hard work.. because she believed in her dream. Her hard why kept her going, no matter what.”

“She is you and you are her. Become her now and bring your dream to life.”

I wrote them down, word for word in my journal and felt the emotion stirring in me. I felt the sensations of empowerment and I wrote EMPOWERED in bold at the top of the next page. Then I followed that feeling and imagined all the hard work, the allowed urges, the feelings I was present with and have been present with in the past. I started writing from that place. I wrote-

I want to thrive after past trauma!
I’m ready to live!
I want to be able to defend myself!
I will NEVER give up on myself, ever! (and I haven’t)
I want to help others live through terrible things and thrive! I want to show what’s possible.
No one keeps me down or denies me my life, not even me!
No one takes my dreams away from me
No one steals my light!
I’m done hiding my light!
I have gifts to share with others!
It does not matter how many times I fail, I pick myself back up and I rise!
I rise every time!
No one can stop me!
I need to help others- it’s my purpose!

I think I found my hard why!
Feeling very grateful