Is it possible to love someone and choose not to forgive them about something (I think I heard Brooke say this in the HTFB seminar)?
I decide to continue to see my parents but can’t right now forgive them for their past behaviour. I just don’t want to love my father “too much”.

C. My father’s behaviour in the past
T. I can’t forgive
F. Resentment
A. I spin on this thought, I resist seeing him, make no effort to call often, my kids don’t see their grandparents often.
R. I don’t let myself forgive

Im :
C. My father’s behaviour in the past
T. He didn’t know how to control his anger
F. Sad / still resentful ?
A. I understand his behaviour now, I am not afraid to speak to him and can protect myself if needed
R. I can control my anger

I have had coaching on this and listened to podcasts on forgiveness, but I still can’t come to a place of peace with him as I still have consequences in my present/ very low self-esteem.

Thank you