Two years ago, “the universe” decided it was time to let me know that my husband of 16 years was cheating on me during the last 5 years of our marriage. I felt like I had been sucker punched in the gut. While I understand now that my thoughts about this circumstance caused these feelings of pain/despair/betrayal, I suffered for many months with feelings of anger and being “wronged”.

I hired a coach and worked on my thoughts. I no longer wanted to be a victim, it was exhausting. I listened to every one of your podcasts looking for guidance on how to coach myself through this to get to the result I wanted – a divorce. I can now see that my husband’s affair was the best thing to happen to me as I was introduced to life coaching, saw how I was not living my life on purpose and I have evolved and grown exponentially over the past year. However, oddly, I still struggle with forgiveness. I listened to your recent podcast on this topic over and over trying to somehow get to the point where I believe there is nothing to forgive. Boy, is this a hard concept.

Any more thoughts on this conflict for me?
Thank you.