Forgiving others and yet protecting & loving self.

So I have a woman that I work with, that is on my team, I am her leader. She WAS a very close friend but that friendship essentially ended a year and a half ago as there was a huge miscommunication and fall out. We still work together and it’s been a surface level relationship since then. Again, recently there was a huge fight between the two of us and I feel she did all the same things again that she did 18 months ago. The situation repeated itself. She put words in my mouth and judged me against those words, and spoke to me in such cruel ways.

I don’t want to continue ANY kind of relationship with her at this point. But in this line of work I can’t FIRE her, it’s a network marketing business and I sponsored her into this business. But I want to remove her from my online team pages and essentially cut all ties and let her know this relationship has come to an end.

But I guess I want to know this is OKAY. I have never TOLD SOMEONE “this relationship has come to an end”. So I feel hesitant to make that kind of bold statement. But I refuse to allow this kind of thing to repeat itself again. And I feel I need to protect the culture of this team and she doesn’t fit into that culture anymore. Am I in the wrong to remove her from my life?

Does forgiveness mean I let her continue to BE in my space? Or can I forgive and yet choose to remove her from my team pages?

I guess I want someone to stop me from making a bad decision, or give me the go ahead. I’m unsure of what choice to make in this scenario. Any advice would be appreciated.