Forthcoming meeting – a model

Hi Brooke, could you please help me with this model? It is pretty tense at work in our group especially with two persons. One of them scares me because she easily snaps and is unpredictable. We will have a meeting next week about some auditing that we have talked a lot about in 2018 and on which I have written a document with the process to follow. The subject of the meeting (given by our boss) suggests that the process will need to be changed because it is taking too much time. I am not sure where this statement is coming from but my model is:
C: Meeting next week
T: Changes have already been decided by two individuals and our boss
F: Anxious
A: Over-thinking – should I ask where is it coming from / should I prepare my arguments/ should I let it go
R: ?

What can my intentional model be?
T: It is an opportunity to change for better
F: Excited
A: Prepare what could be changed
R: Possibility of changes

Thank you for helping me.