Foul Mouth

I am trying to do the model on this topic, but I am having trouble. The circumstance is that my husband curses loudly during football games, calls the referees cheats and the coaches and players horrible names. He does this in front of our 7-year-old daughter and tells her “Daddy just gets excited about games.” He has a foul and vulgar month more than just during games, it is just worse during those times. I feel very angry that he does this and that he has no qualms about doing this in front of her. He expects her to be a nice, good girl while he acts like a brute in front of her. I have tried to tell him his behavior is too much or I have made faces that indicate my displeasure however, I quickly get harassed for doing so. Should I have a different thought as in my daughter will turn out ok despite this or take some sort of action?