Hello Brooke,
I’ve been with SCS since January now part of the VIP group. This thought work has made major shifts in my future thinking where I had become extremaly stagnant. I’m turning 44 in August with my son going into his sophomore year into college and my daughter entering into her senior year of high school. There has been space opening up in my life and I was uncertain how to fill it, so I found myself buffering with food and alcohol. Financially there is not a need for me to work, needless to say I was becoming a negative thought black hole. Since starting SCS I have lost 20+ pounds and greatly reducing my drinking.

I have volunteered with Guardian Ad Litem in the past and became flustered of the enabling system for the youth and cycle of government dependency that has been created. My purpose and value I can give to others hit me today while working out listening to your most recent podcast. If you ever consider starting a SCS Foundation it would be an honor to work with you teaching youth how to manage there thoughts.
” Change Your Thoughts Change Your Future Foundation”
Greatest Gratitude,