So, I have friend.

She will text me an ans to my question like “what are you guys up to this weekend?”

And she doesn’t inquire about my life. She doesn’t ask me anything. So, ok. My brain wants to make it mean something – and so I just question it.

I guess I’ve been trying to find solution to our friendship.
I want something different than what is happening.
I think I’ve actually let go of a lot around it that I’ve been working on letting go.
I can see the manuals pop up, the expectations.

Been doing thought work on it.

I want to text each other, love each other, talk, hang out – what I consider to be friendship.
We’ve had that off/on and started out that way

Things changed at some point, we went through a lot and lately got back to that… the texting, talking, hanging out etc… then she disappeared, didn’t keep one of our commitments and didn’t cancel it or say anything about it, and then texts after two weeks. and maybe I’m overreacting because I have felt like she just doesn’t care about me or our friendship, and doesn’t value me.

But if I’m looking through that lens then thats what I’m gonna see. So, can you help me?
Like – I see the lens that I was looking through which skews her behavior in that way.

I’m trying to look through the lens of she has a lot on her plate, she’s doing the best she can, she does care about me, etc.