Freaked out!

I listen to you talk about goal weight and setting a number to freak people out and set them into motion towards a weight loss goal. I get that intellectually but I don’t think it ever really hit home until now. I think because I was never really committed in that way (even though I thought I was) or I don’t believe it with a low number I set, or even a number you set.

Then I just signed up for the modelthon/overeating seminar in October. I’m totally now freaked out! My brain is on a rampage. I feel like I’m not ready, I didn’t complete any goals yet, why did I do this to myself, why did I let myself down, I don’t deserve this yet,….. yada yada yada. And to top it off, I have never traveled by myself, let alone getting on a plane from the East Coast to see you! I’m so excited but so fearful and anxious. Yikes!