“Freaking out”

Brooke paraphrased: “Freaking out equals getting ready to go to your next level of growth.”

Hi Brooke,

Everything thing seemed to be manageable– chaotic but doable and doing it. I told people who were expecting things faster, “I am in it!” I scheduled like a maniac and kept to it while figuring out where I could squeeze in other things (those requests of others). Then it’s like the conveyor belt sped up or something and I don’t have that extra required gear. Also, because I am learning in SCS, I don’t want to push myself into oblivion to appease and serve others if it’s not serving me. I serve myself at a slower pace. When I run at someone else’s pace I fall down.

Now, I’m wiped out. Physically injured from constant motion and overdoing. I am forced to take notice of where my limitations are but I know my responsibilities are slipping–which will require me to make up that time to catch back up.

I think by taking a vacation at the worse possible time derailed my process. Also, some of my coworkers expect I’ll pick up all slack. They have no issue traveling, socializing, etc… while I’m working nonstop. And so they should! I should not allow myself to be ruled by demands/requests of others. Others can wait while I heal.

So I’m “freaking out” but my future self is trying to see where all the pieces will fall that lead to coming out of this phase better. But it just feels like “freaking out” now. You said in a call that freaking out is basically a springboard into our higher self.

Can you please elaborate a bit more?
Thank you!!!