Freaking Out, Feeling Sad for Myself, Comparison & Self Worth

Since coach training in September I went from super excited, inspired, empowered to freaked out, sad, discouraged and worthless.

I was so excited to move forward and have my free coaching clients get all this coaching experience, it was so fun to have clients and do the work with them and provide them value.

Alongside my coaching work the last goal I had this year was to pay off my student loan debt = $60,000. I have so far only been making minimum payments, the additional income I got from a side job went to coach certification and then that side hustle turned into a new full time job with more pay and remote work which was everything I wanted. All of that big wins and amaziness but now I’m all freaked out because I stopped doing my free sessions in the beginning of October and didn’t convert any of those free clients. Then I’ve been pitching my free 15 min mini sessions and only have one scheduled while I see everyone else in my cohort convert their free clients and I’m doing all this comparison non sense that has been frustrating and I feel like I’m failing while others are not. What if my goal was too big?

I left training thinking absolutely, I’ll make $100k in the last three months to pay off my student loans and pay taxes on that 100$. There was no doubt in my mind I could do it. I kept thinking that’s only 10 clients at $10k a piece of 20 clients at $5k a piece. I built a year long coaching program at $10k which was bomb but then I got discouraged before I ever even pitched it to more than 10 people. Then I built a $5k 12 week coaching program, also really bomb, I built the webinar based off of Expert Secret by Russell Brunsen but haven’t pitched it because I’m sitting in confusion saying I don’t know how to pitch it.

Here are the models I’ve been working on, would love some feedback and maybe I should do a tutor session or request to be coached live… idk

Unintentional Model:
C – No clients converted from free sessions to paying sessions, other’s have told me, “I have my first paying clients”
T – I’m failing at this
F – discouraged
A – victimize, spend too much time in my head, negative thought cycles, inaction
R – I’m failing

Intentional Model:
C – No clients converted from free sessions to paying sessions, other’s have told me, “I have my first paying clients”
T – I can’t wait to provide tremendous value to my clients!
F – Excited
A – continue to pitch free mini sessions, ask people if they’d like to be coached, continue to create content, put free content out to audience
R – Provide tremendous value to my clients

Unintentional Model:
C – 1 free 15 min mini session sign up in 3 weeks
T – I can’t even attract free clients, there is something wrong with me
F – Sad
A – inaction, mope around, negative thought cycles, beat myself up
R – Don’t attract free clients

Intentional Model:
C – 1 free 15 mini session sign up in 3 weeks
T – Yaasss! I have a free 15 mini session and I cannot wait to provide them tremendous value!
F – Excited
A – Practice 15 min session with peer coach, practice on how to convert, show up as a bomb coach to help provide awareness to my potential client, hold the space for my client
R – Provide tremendous value

Unintentional Model:
C – Webinar/Sales Pitch Deck Created
T – I don’t know how or where to pitch it my $5k offer
F – Confusion
A – Inaction, stagnation, don’t actually do anything with the content created, don’t share it with the world, hide
R – Stand still, stay in confusion

Intentional Model:
C – Webinar/Sales Pitch Deck Created
T – This is the most amazing program, that will help so many people, I can’t wait to share it with the world!
F – Eager
A – Schedule FB live, invite anyone and everyone to come watch the webinar, put it in my newsletter/vlog/blog, post the live webinar on all social platforms, share it with the world in every way I know how, find forums for target market where I could share it, send to individuals I know who could use it
R – Help people, shared with world

Thoughts? Please help… thank you for everything!