Freaking the f out

Holy crap,

Okay so at the end of the VIP call you said “ I’m talking to YOU whether you’re the one getting coached or not”

And today I really felt that way.

When you were talking to Claire about going all in on the pain of starting a business.

That really freaked me out.

Cause my head immediately was like “ hell nooo you don’t to suffer through this, not worth it”.

But then I was like “ hell yeah !” Because I know what you mean by “pain” is just discomfort.

And not actually running yourself to the ground and “hustling” like nothing else in your life matters.

This month my focus is on believing that I can make 100k.

I’ve really been doing that work and actually showing up online, posting regularly on Instagram and IG stories.

Not really making offers.

Because I feel like I have to gain trust and just post daily before I can offer them my freebie, or invite them on a call or to offer them my coaching program.

But then, I realized — this is all still very safe.

I said after a month of providing just value thennnnn I can make offers.

But that doesn’t seem right.

Cause I’m a month I may just feel like I haven’t given enough.

Can what I’ve given now and will continue to give be enough already?

I’m waiting for this magical moment that feels right to be able to get a client.

You said something about getting a client by the end of the week or month!!!


I got kinda excited like yeaaaah THATS WHAT I NEED TO DO.


Have a specific goal and go after it.

I’m currently just doing some typing here and some posts there.

Not really going after much.

So thinking about getting a client by the end of the month, tells me that I can’t just continue doing what I’m doing because that won’t get me anywhere.

Which also freaks me the fuck out cause I have to DO SOMETHING.

More scary somethings.

I guess trying this out can be a part of the massive action of believing that I am capable of making 100k.

Omg – I already want to back out.

I can feel it in my body.

Guess I’m doing it right.

Any words of encouragement?

Thanks Brooke