Free from guilt

Last week I was coached by Brooke on the VIP call about my rush to want to get married.
It was a super powerful coaching and I had a major breakthrough. THANK YOU!!
After the coaching session I did my own self-coaching to really get to the bottom of it.
So during this session (with myself) I found out that I want to be free of feeling guilty. I didn’t even know I was feeling guilty until then, so when that came to surface I bursted into tears and everything made sense.
Now, I know why I want to rush in getting married – because I feel guilty for having sex before married, living together not being married, and what I’m making this all mean about me.
I am now aware of this, and I feel already a shift inside, I don’t feel rushed as before.
But I would love to work on the guilt part.
How can I work through i? What’s the next step?

Thank you!