freedom and choice consequences

We know that when we set a weight or drinking goal if we think I can’t have it (the object of desire) I create deprivation. Brooke encourages to remind ourselves that we are aways free and we are always choosing. So I can easily recognize I can have the food, that I am free to choose it. But I know that my choices have always consequences, and I consider them as undesirable. So like “I am not free to eat any kind of food without noticeable changes in my body composition, while others are free of doing it”. Or “My body type needs constant exercise to keep my muscular mass. Others body types don’t”. the feeling is missing out, for not having more likable scenarios (“my body composition is stable even if I don’t exercise or eat particular foods”) that are accessible to others. Could you please help me with some thoughts around freedom and the consequences of our choices? thanks