Hi Brooke,

I just wanted to say, I realize what it truly is that you give to your students. FREEDOM. What all the work we do in SCS gives us the ultimate freedom – freedom from our primitive brain keeping us scared and inside the cave. It gives us freedom to create our lives how we want to live them, freedom to feel any emotion and handle them all – especially the “hard” ones. It gives us freedom from the concern over what others may be thinking of us and freedom from our old manuals and repeated patterns. It frees us from our tight grip of our past experiences and freedom from victimhood. It allows us to learn to trust in ourselves, to love ourselves unconditionally, it gives us freedom from self-assult. Thank you for all of this, it is an honor and privilege to be doing this work with you and with everyone at the Life Coach School, in my first month as a VIP, I feel grateful, unstoppable and FREE.