Friday Hour Done

I really enjoyed the Monday Hour One course and already experiencing the value of doing so as early as my second week of doing it.

One thing I noticed is that I’m unable to find any guidance on Friday Hour Done. Sharing my process and would love your wisdom on how I might make my retrospective sessions better as I end my week.

Friday Hour Done Checklist:

– What did I follow through on?
– What did I not follow through on?
– What needs to be rescheduled?
– What could be better?
– Where did I find the most resistance (whether I followed through or not)
– What took less time than expected?
– What took more time than scheduled?
– Were there any feelings that surfaced during the week that’s connected to my effort to commit to my schedule? (I’ve been journaling dailing and wow — so this bit is VERY interesting reflection)
– Who/what got in the way of committing to the schedule and should I factor them into my future planning?
– How do I feel right now, at the end of my week?
– What do I look forward to next week?
– What do I get to treat myself to tonight or this weekend for having my own back and sticking up for myself?