Friday hour done

Hi coaches, wondered about your thoughts regarding Friday Hour Done and an experience I have with it. Each week, when I do Monday Hour One it feels meaningful & definitely / clearly helps me with my life. However, when I do FHD it doesn’t feel that way, I experience it as a chore, something to just get done & out of the way & not meaningful in any way.

I was thinking about why that is – I think it’s because I do daily journaling (have done for a very long time) & that involves a process of reviewing things as they go along, on a daily basis. I also have weekly & monthly goals that work well for me. So I wonder about why I’m adding more things to my plate. I’m considering stopping FHD altogether as I think my existing processes accomplish the same purpose … but somehow this makes me feel as if I’m ‘not doing it right’. I then think that’s a silly thought but there you go, it’s there! I’m bringing here to share and see what you think.