Friday Hour Done and Ongoing task list

Hello! I joined specifically to take advantage of Monday Hour One (I sprang for full membership cause I figured why not get coaching sessions, too!) and it did NOT disappoint! I have really enjoyed trying it out the past 2 weeks and have read others’ questions about it in last month’s lesson. Thoughts like , “I can modify this tool however I need for my particular job,” or “How can I use this tool to get exactly what I need?” have been motivating and helpful when my brain wants to jump to confusion or overwhelm.

I am a social worker and I have patient appointments and work that I put on my calender during Monday Hour One. However, each time after I interact with a patient, I generate a “next step,” either another appointment for them that I need to schedule, or a reminder to call them next week, or some resource I’m going to check out and get back to them about. Since this happens approx 5 times/day, I am adding at least 5 to-dos to my task list daily so that I have them there when I sit down for my Monday Hour One. I do not trust myself to remember these things in my head, and doing so also seems counterintuitive to the MHO goals. Nothing is allowed to carry over from week to week, I empty my whole to-do onto my calender on Mondays during MHO, but of course new tasks start getting added by Monday afternoon as I have appointments and attend meetings and generate to-dos for next week. I am intrigued by the idea of trying to move away from task/to-do lists completely, but I tried the first week without it and at the end of the week, I was not 100% sure what I had promised all my clients and had to go back and review all my notes, which felt like a waste of time. Lauren said she keeps tasks like this on notecards in the MHO videos. I prefer a digial list because it’s with me everywhere, and I can print it out to start my MHO brain dump the next week. Am I missing something? Am I holding myself back from embracing this approach by continuing to use a to-do list? I am trying to keep moving forward by just trying what works for me so that I dont get stuck in confusion, but I also want to try my best not to make excuses to change the system when unnecessary. Thanks!